Sanmauro Services for companies

  • Free WIFI
  • Audio system with microphone
  • Projector
  • From 245 to 270 seats
  • Wide veranda and parking
  • 10km far from Monza and F1 racetrack

Sanmauro restaurants offers to the companies a service of great quality and efficiency. Banqueting, dinners and company events are organised in every single detail, with the objective to valorize at its best the brand.

For the customers, we select and offer the best raw ingredients on the market, offering solutions that are well adapted to every specific exigence and budget.


Sanmauro offers perfect solutions for meetings, press conference and events, with a perfect event management.

Thanks to a network of experts, our restaurant is able to project and realize the best solution possible.

Give us a budget and we’ll take care for you of every single detail, so your event will be absolutely perfect.


Trust the experience of real experts: we’ll choose for you the best raw materials on the market. Sanmauro’s catering service is perfect for every event with a 360° service: choose the best solution for you, we’ll think about all the details and we’ll set Sanmauro restaurant to be the perfect location.


Close your eyes, taste the real flavor and scents of food and drinks. Thanks to our tasting experiences, you will be able to discover the pleasure of Italian cuisine and the amazing local products.

For a unique experience, try also the trip inside the world of beers together with our master brewer of Birra Libera or, again, a tasting of our coffee creating a dinner based on coffee itself in cooperation with our chefs.

Team building

Dedicated to all those who love good cooking and have fun with the cooking fires, our team building activities are for privates and companies.


You are the best colleagues, but how do you manage a pizzeria? Followed by our pizza makers you will learn how to work the dough, how to choose the right flours and how to use ingredients in the right quantities. And in the end, pizza shovel ready and cook the result of your abilities.


Led by our chef, you will learn how to create a perfect dough, how to understand its working and resting times, and how to transform it into amazing pasta, rolls or dumplings! And more: for the most competitive customers, there will be a cooking competition to find out the best team in the realisation of temptating dishes.